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macOS 10.15 (2019)



macOS 10.15 (2019)

macOS 10.15 is the major annual update that is scheduled for 2019. The update promises to bring the Mac one step closer to the iPhone and the iPad.

macOS 10.15 will be unveiled during WWDC 2019
Just like previous Mac updates, the unveiling of macOS 10.15 will take place again during WWDC. This is the annual developer conference that takes place this year between 3 and 7 July. Traditionally, Apple is holding its keynote on the first night, which would mean the macOS 10.15 unveiling is on July 3, 2019.
macOS 10.15 release and supporting devices

After the unveiling during WWDC, the first developer beta will follow soon, followed by the first public beta of 10.15. Apple releases its major updates every September and everything indicates that this will be the case again in 2019. The update will then be released simultaneously with iOS 13 and new versions of watchOS and tvOS.

Last year, macOS Mojave brought a lot of visible change by introducing a dark mode.This year the update seems to be primarily an advance on a larger macOS update that will take a little longer.
macOS and iOS grow closer together
Apple is working hard to bring the apps of iOS and macOS closer together.Not to turn the Mac into an iPad, but to make it very easy for developers to transfer apps from iOS to the Mac.

That should fill the void in the Mac App Store and let apps work better together between different Apple devices.Last year we saw the start of this major project when the iOS apps from HomeKit, Shares and the Dictaphone were transferred to macOS in this way.


iTunes is (finally) being split up

People have been asking for it for years, but this year it finally seems to be happening.Apple would plan to split iTunes into separate apps for the Mac.An important moment, because over the years iTunes has grown into a combination of functions that have little to do with each other.

According to leaked images, Apple is planning to release separate apps for Music, Podcasts, TV and Books.Just like on the iPhone and iPad.This should also ensure that these individual apps can be updated more often with new functions.

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